24 Main Street
Saluda, NC 28773

STORE: Mon-Sat 9-6
Sun 11-4* (*Sunday hours are May-October only)
GRILL: Closed indefinitely

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August 2017

All About Rattler & Friends


Be sure to check out The Adventures of Rattler & Friends, a delightful trilogy of children’s books centering on Rattler the coon dog (mascot of Thompson’s Store!) and his unlikely pair of animal friends—Rascal the rabbit and Rowdy the raccoon. Together, this trio of pals explore the town of Saluda, learning about Coon Dog [...]

What’s With the Coon Dog?


Coon dogs, like Thompson’s Store, have been an important aspect of old-timey Saluda since its founding in 1885. So important, in fact, that more than 50 years ago, several local coon hunters organized a town event to raise money for restocking the rapidly depleting supply of native raccoons. That first event held in 1963 subsequently [...]