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Zarina Bella – Gold Sauce – $4.00

Zarina Bella – Gold Sauce


Habanero Gold Sauce

The Zarina Bella line of green and red hot sauces feature the face and name of Zarina Bowen. She and her husband, Frank, launched the sauces in 2007 and are finding a home in specialty stores nationwide. Zarina was born in North Africa to Sicilian parents and her name means beautiful queen or princess. On a heat scale of 1 to 10, the green sauce rates a 5 while the red sauces rate a 6. All enhance everything from seafood and stews to Bloody Marys and hotdogs.

The Bowens are long time friends of the Clark Thompson family and we are happy to be the first store in the area to offer their four sauces. We know you will love them.