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Keens Beans Coffee – $13.00

Keens Beans Coffee


Keens shade-grown coffee beans are organically grown on a small farm in the mountains of Costa Rica. Keens are certified in both organic farming and organic processing methods.

Keens organic coffee beans make the best coffee you have ever tasted. A recent Thompson’s Store customer heartily agreed, delcaring Keens the “best coffee on the planet!”

Plus, you’ll feel better knowing that you’re drinking healthy coffee that is grown, processed, and roasted without chemicals. Keens goal is to provide you with the best coffee beans while doing their part to protect the environment.

Available in American Roast, Champagne Roast, Full City Dark Roast, and Vienna Roast.


Champagne Roast Organic Coffee

This is a roast for the coffee drinkers that prefer a lighter roast.  A unique blonde roast that brings out the flavor of the bean instead of the roast level.  This is a lightly roasted coffee that is bursting with a bright full flavor.  It is perfect for breakfast.  A crisp way to start your morning.


American Roast Organic Coffee

This roast is extremely popular among coffee lovers who enjoy a rich, full-bodied cup that’s not too light and not too dark.  Our beans are roasted to a level that’s required for the beans to start to release their unique and complex flavors and aromas.

Our American Roast is fully satisfying without being overwhelming, making it an ideal choice for a perfect cup or two in the morning or a comforting evening pick-me-up.


Full City Dark Roast Organic Coffee

If you like your coffee with a bit more body, or edge to it, you’ll love our Full City Dark Roast.

Dark Roast beans are roasted using a different profile at a higher temperature than our Medium Roast, resulting in deeper, more intense flavors and aromas. Our Dark Roast beans are immediately identifiable because the beans are darker and shiny, with oily drops on the surface. During the roasting process, you can actually hear the beans cracking as the heat expands the bean and the chaff separates itself from the bean.

Tasters often describe Dark Roast beans as having delightful undertones of caramel or chocolate.

Our Full City Dark Roast offers a smooth yet robust flavor and full body.  It’s extremely satisfying for coffee lovers who prefer a bolder taste that still reveals the natural, subtle flavors and aromas of the beans. Enjoy as an early morning eye-opener, an afternoon or evening refresher or as the perfect ending to a wonderful meal.


Vienna Roast Organic Coffee

Our most intensely flavored offering is Vienna Roast, which is made from beans that have been roasted to the point that their natural, aromatic oils rise to the surface, giving them a smooth, silky texture and creating a fuller body when brewed.

Our organic Vienna Roast, offers powerful flavors and aromas without the bitterness that can occur in many coffee beans that are roasted to this level.

The versatile and flavor-packed Vienna Roast is dark but not as dark as a typical French Roast or Italian Roast. And, contrary to what you may think, a darker-roasted coffee is not stronger in terms of caffeine or acid levels, but simply offers fuller, more complex flavors.

Our pleasantly fragrant Vienna Roast is very full bodied with a low acidity and is smooth and rich with a complex smokiness. It’s ideal for espressos and cappuccinos, as a traditionally brewed cup throughout the day or as a satisfying and lingering counterpart to desserts and pastries.