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September 2012 -

Hey folks. I was there with my husband just last week and we enjoyed many breakfasts at Ward’s Grill. I was sad to have to come back home. I really loved the sausage and when I asked about it, I was told that you can ship it out. If that’s the case how can I get some? It was so good! When I make pork stuffing for my Thanksgiving Dinner I have to use Jimmy Dean’s. It can’t compare to the flavor in yours. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks and again as we say up here “wicked awesome breakfasts.”

P. S. When I tell you my husband is a picky breakfast eater, I’m not kidding. He was so thrilled with your western omelets that he ate three last week!! He gets very frustrated when he orders them elsewhere and no one knows to cook the veggies first!! Seems simple, right?

I loved my grits and biscuits. I really hope we get to come back someday. We just loved meeting the servers and just loved the whole atmosphere there in little Saluda.”

A. B., from Connecticut

*Note: This customer loved our homemade sausage so much that she was willing to pay $54 just in freight charges to have 5 pounds shipped to her home.